Developing free software that solves common challenges for e-commerce businesses. Funded by companies and individuals who want to build a better internet. We believe in Open E-Commerce.

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Our Goal

Many e-commerce sites and online shops are facing the same software challenges. To resolve these challenges, developers often try to invent their own solution for the same problem. What if we could pull our resources and ideas together? The result will be better software quality with even more features, and fewer bugs.

We connect developers and business owners to create software that solves common challenges for e-commerce sites. Developers can contribute their own ideas and learn from each other along the way. Every software project we create will be open source and free to use without any charge. We want to build an open e-commerce ecosystem.

We will not reinvent the wheel. For every project we will try to incorporate, improve or fund already existing Open Source components and libraries.

Our Projects

We need your help!

Are you interested in joining the cause? Consider funding a project or propose a new software that you think we should build.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either donate money to fund a project or you can participate by coding.
Currently two developers are working on these projects. The funding goal is simply an estimation of how long development will take and covers the slary of the developers.
You can propose a new project, and we will try to get funding for your idea.
We believe in Open Source. Also we want e-commerce sites to focus on their products as well features and don't waste budget on things that should be convenient.
Absolutely! You just need to tell us about it and on which project your product is based on.
Sure, just donate and fund some projects.
Yes! You can help by coding, in marketing tasks or project management. Just write us an email and we can discuss.